Return Policy

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Sales, Use, Value Add, Transaction and other Tax Policy

All prices are pre-tax.  All sales, use, value add, transaction or any other kind of tax are added to the price, in a manner that depends on the fulfiller of the order.

A. Fulfillment Through Quivers

Most orders are fulfilled through Quivers.  In the vast majority of cases, when orders are fulfilled through Quivers, U.S. sales taxes do not apply to purchases made on the eCommerce Store.  However, there are some cases where U.S. sales tax may apply due to individual U.S. state tax laws. Since Leica Geosystems does not know which dealer or Leica Geosystems distribution center will ship an order at the time of purchase, in the rare case where U.S. sales tax is due Your card will automatically be reauthorized for the order amount plus tax. Other value add, transaction or similar taxes for other jurisdictions outside of the U.S. will be charged to your account as an addition to the sales price, subject to applicable law.