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The MALÅ Professional Explorer (ProEx) System is a modular, full-range Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system designed to meet the needs of the advanced professional.
MALA Professional Explorer GPR, The most versatile Ground Penetrating Radar solution on the market Maximum gain with cutting-edge technology The MALA ProEx Control Unit is the backbone of all MALA ProEx Systems and designed to meet the needs of the advanced professional user, using a completely new technical platform. The design and the technical features of the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit makes it the most versatile control unit in the MALA Geoscience range. The interchangeable features of the MALA ProEx Control Unit make it available as a single or dual-channel system in the basic configuration or a true multi-channel system with the optional expansion units. The MALA ProEx Control Unit is fully compatible with all MALA GPR Antennas offering configurations between 30 MHz to 2.3 GHz, with up to 16 simultaneous recording channels. The MALA MIRA option extends, in theory, the system to an unlimited number of recording data channels without reduction in speed. Ethernet communications between the MALA ProEx Control Unit and the MALA XV Monitor or a notebook PC ensure safe and reliable data transfer at high speed. Depending on the configuration and the antennas used, the MALA ProEx Control Unit can perform various types of measurements, including standard reflection surveys, tomography, or velocity (CMP/ WARR) measurements, for virtually any kind of application. The anatomy of MALA ProEx Replacing one of the market’s most respected GPR control units, the MALA RAMAC/GPR CUII, was an ambitious undertaking. After tens of thousands of development hours, the engineers at MALA created the next generation of GPR control unit that they playfully nicknamed ProEx – an abbreviation of Professional Explorer. That nickname stuck and so has the technology – five years on and the MALA ProEx still lays claim as the undisputed leading platform for GPR systems. The secret behind the MALA ProEx’s success lies in the versatility, scalability and unparalleled computing power of the platform’s architecture. Let’s take a closer look at ProEx to understand just how such bold claims can be made. The MALA Professional Explorer (ProEx) controller is a modular, full-range Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) controller designed to meet the needs of the advanced GPR professional. With built-in multi-channel parallel processing capability and support for all MALA antennas, MALA ProEx is the most versatile GPR controller on the market. Since the MALA ProEx can handle any type of GPR investigation, including multi-channel road measurements, concrete analysis, landscape profiling or utility detection, it is an ideal solution for general geophysics contractors, consultants and multi-disciplinary research organizations – and practically any organization in between that requires a non-destructive assessment solution. Main Applications: Whatever your application is, the MALA ProEx can assist in providing solutions to your subsurface investigation needs in areas such as: Archeology & Forensics Borehole Concrete NDT & Civil Engineering Environmental Geological/Mining Ice & Snow Measurements Research Road & Transportation Utility Detection & Mapping And more! Specific Features MALA is renowned for its innovative designs and the tradition continues with this third-generation digital control unit. The new MALA ProEx boasts a list of practical features rolled into one rugged design suitable for advanced and professional users. Modular Design Dual hardware channel (4 data channels) Multi-channel: max. 8 antennas (16 data channels) as optional Supports all MALAantennas Supports Array configurations Ethernet communication Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): 100 KHz (upgradeable) 100 KHz PRF per hardware channel System Configuration The MALA ProEx is a modular digital radar control unit with multi-channel functionality; the base designed for two hardware channels (4 data channels). This allows connection of two separate antennas for simultaneous data collection whilst also providing a third “virtual antenna”. By adding optional expansion units, the system can be expanded to eight hardware channels (16 data channels) to operate up to eight individual antennas. A choice of three antenna modules (optical, high frequency and coax) allows the user to connect any MALA antenna in various configurations, for single, dual or multi-antenna operation. Thus enabling a wide range of advanced measurements to be carried out Technical Specification Power supply: Li-Ion 12V battery Operating time: 5 h nominal, pending on configuration Operating temp: -20° to +50°C / 0° to 120 °F Environmental: IP67 Dimensions (cm): 32.5 (h) x 22.2 (w) x 4.2 (d) Weight: 1.9 kg Antennas: The MALA ProEx is fully compatible with the entire range of MALA antennas, the MALA XV Monitor data acquisition platform and Windows based MALA GroundVision¹ acquisition software.
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